Sugizo Vesica Pisces

RELEASE DATE: 2013-03-06
LABEL: Wakyo Records

SUGIZO music carrier has spanned years of development and growth, starting with his training on the violin at the age of three. This new project is his solo project that is complementing his work with the amazing bands LUNA SEA, X JAPAN and JUNO REACTOR.

Track List

  1. CONSCIENTIA ERA Remix By The Orb Vs Youth (8:27)
  2. FINAL OF THE MESSIAH Remix By System 7 (8:16)
  3. ENOLA GAY RELOADED Remix By Joujouka (6:35)
  4. ARC MOON GODDESS Remix By DJ YUMMY (6:31)
  5. TELL ME WHY NOT PSYCHEDELIA Remix By Juno Reactor (6:05)
  6. THE MAD FOLLY Remix By UvAntam A.k.a. Ubar Tmar (5:36)
  7. REPLICANT EDGE Remix By DJ AMIGA (5:42)
  8. SPIRITUAL PRANA Remix By Dub Master X (5:54)
  9. SLEEP AWAY TO SHINNING Remix By SiNE6 A.k.a. MaZDA (6:52)
  10. FATIMA QUEEN Remix By Minilogue (11:25)
  11. ETERNAL FATIMA Remix By SUGIZO (9:11)